8 Signs That Indicate You Have Toxins In Your Body

8 Signs That Indicate You Have Toxins In Your Body

Do you feel exhausted, incomplete and sluggish all the time?

A reason could be that you are getting older, but, but, but, the other possibility could be that your body is filled with toxins.

What are toxins?

8 Signs You Have Toxins In Your Body

A toxin is nothing but a poison to our bodies. All you need to do is detoxify your body to flush out these toxins.

In our day-to-day hustle, it is pretty impossible to avoid exposure to toxins. There are almost 590+ chemicals that can cause adverse effects on our body. They can mess with our DNA and damage cellular function.

The common residences of these toxins include the air, processed food, and the electromagnetic field radiation from our smartphones. Since toxins are everywhere, we might be exposed more than we could think of.

There are many signs of a body filled with toxins, and here I present to you some important indicators:

8 Signs of Toxins in the Body

Reactive skin

When it comes to detoxification, the liver is the MVP in the body. Therefore, the liver usually flushes out most toxins that enter the body. But if your liver is overloaded with too many toxins, then it starts to show in the skin.

If you’ve been seeing boils, acne and skin rashes lately, then it’s no wonder that you need some detoxification.

Similarly, jaundice is a disorder of the liver, but it causes yellowish skin. Sounds relatable, right?

Harmful chemicals exist in shampoos, conditioners, lotions and soaps too. The skin is the largest organ in the body and toxins can penetrate easily from the skin.

It’s not just that these skincare and hair products are at fault. Also, the people working in a variety of industries from food service to health care are the most vulnerable to catch skin related disorders.

Pain, muscle aches

A quick telltale sign of a highly toxic body is you have unexplained pain and muscle aches in the body. Some toxins stimulate pain receptors in the muscle, resulting in muscle aches, spasms and knots. These toxins either affect the muscles immediately or with a delay.

One major factor behind body aches could be the habit of eating fast food regularly. Foods consumed at fast food outlets might build up phthalates or “health-harming chemicals” in the body.

Advice: Keep a track of your daily activities to try and highlight the responsible toxin(s).


Definitely, it is important to defecate every day. If you are not having a bowel movement daily, then the toxins are absorbed back into the bloodstream. Processed foods and fast food contain preservatives, artificial flavouring and phthalates that damage the stomach.

Drinking sufficient amount of water, increasing fibre intake and consuming foods rich in vitamins and minerals can resolve constipation and indigestion.

Bad body odour

Bad breath and foul-smelling gas formation and stools are a clear indicator that your liver and colon are unable to eliminate toxic substances from the body. A potential remedy for bad body odour is to consume detoxing herbs like Milk Thistle, Kutki, and Punarnava. A better remedy is to use Total Detox, packed with these 3 herbs and more, that combine to help detoxify the body.


Having trouble sleeping?

High levels of toxins in the body increase cortisol (or stress hormone) levels in the body, aggravating stress. The stress hormone levels are normal and healthy in the morning and the lowest in the evening.

These toxic substances can result in high cortisol levels even in the evening, that shoots up energy in the body and one is simply unable to sleep.

Having insomnia is detrimental to your health. Hence it is advised to have a disciplined sleep schedule. Contrary to the popular advice of sleeping 8 hours, it is much important to do a self-analysis and find out how many hours of sleep you actually need to wake up rejuvenated in the morning.

Difficulty in concentration and memory (brain fog)

Chemicals like aspartame (found in sugar-free drinks) and MSG (found in processed foods) directly affect the brain, leading to “fuzzy thinking”. These chemicals are known as excitotoxins, that means they excite our brain cells to death.

Cut these toxins immediately from your diet if you have them.

Toxins like artificial preservatives, heavy metals, aspartame and MSG (as discussed above) can cause unexplained headaches.

Exposure to harmful chemicals cause inflammation inside the body, eventually depleting the body off of essential vitamins, minerals and hormones required for bodily functions.

Mood swings

Some synthetic compounds like xenoestrogens cause hormonal imbalances in men and women, which in turn cause mood swings. Xenoestrogens act like estrogen in our body. Generally, they are found in industrial plastic compounds like PCBs, BPA and phthalates. Avoiding plastics should reduce your xenoestrogen load.

Sensitive to chemicals and scents

Are you feeling sensitive to different scents and chemicals?

This might mean that you have large amounts of toxins in your body. Probably caused by exposure to low levels of common environmental contaminants.

Side effects of chemical sensitivities include itching, inflammation, fatigue, headaches and nausea.


To sum it up, here are some easy and do-it-yourself lifestyle habits to reduce or eliminate harmful body toxins:

  • Be aware of the household products that you use, esp. those used to clean the body and your house.
  • Minimise or cut down processed foods, alcohol and fast food from your lifestyle.
  • Use herbal detox supplements such as Total Detox from Loire Wellness in the recommended dosage. Always make sure to consult a doctor before using a supplement.
  • Get adequate sleep.
  • Stick to organic foods and green vegetables. Avoid meat as much as possible.

Some small lifestyle adjustments can go a long way in keeping our bodies up and running and to detoxify your body.

Read this article to know more about the benefits that these detox practices can provide.


This is for sure a fact that exposure to harmful toxins is pretty much unavoidable. But we can reduce their amounts in our bodies by taking these above mentioned practical measures.

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As I bring some more content to you readers, stay safe and informed!

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