Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Reduce Joint Swelling

Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Reduce Joint Swelling

Anti-inflammatory foods are rich in vitamins and minerals. It also helps to boost immunity and significantly reduces the inflammation in the body. The food works wonder in reducing the joint swelling.

Joint Swelling

Swollen joints occur when there’s an increase of fluid in the tissues that surround the joints. Joints are the areas where two or more bones meet. Joint swelling causes joint pain that may again disrupt the healthy working of a body.

Cause of Joint Swelling

Joint swelling is mainly caused by:

  • Arthritis
  • Torn cartilage
  • Dislocation of bones
  • Bone injury
  • Gout
  • Lupus
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Tendinitis (inflammation of a tendon)

Joint swelling can be treated at home naturally with some simple measures. Hot and cold therapy can help to reduce joint swelling. You can put an ice pack on the swollen area to reduce the pain. Applying compression on the painful area too will help to cut down the pain and reduce the joint swelling.

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Along with that following a proper healthy diet is equally important to reduce the joint swelling. You can include anti-inflammatory foods in your diet to treat joint swelling naturally.

Why anti-inflammatory foods are good for joint swelling?

An anti-inflammatory diet helps to cut down your intake of saturated fats while increasing your take of foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Anti-inflammatory foods are also the rich carriers of vitamin C, E, and K and also have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the joint swelling naturally.

According to a study nutritionist advice the intake of foods that have anti-inflammatory properties because they are the natural and safest way to treat inflammation in the body rather than expensive medicines that carries the chemical substance in it.

Here are the top 10 anti-inflammatory foods to reduce joint swelling

  1. Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in cold-water fish such as tuna, salmon, trout, halibut, and sardines. Omega-3 fatty acids help to reduce the inflammation in the body and also are good for the overall health of the body. The study claims that it is a powerful ingredient to treat arthritis patients.

Omega-3 fatty acids also can effectively reduce joint stiffness and swelling. Research says that omega-3 fatty acids reduced inflammation by increasing the concentration of special molecule “mediators” that regulate the work of certain components in the blood.

It is also considered effective to improve brain health.

2. Fruits

Fruits like blueberries, strawberries, orange, cherries, and apples are good to fight inflammation in the body. Intake of such fruits is essential to reduce the joint swelling in the body.

Cherries are a rich source of antioxidants, such as anthocyanins and catechins, which reduces inflammation in the body. Include cherries in your diet to reduce joint swelling and associated joint pain in the body.

3. Nuts and seeds


Nuts and seeds help to reduce joint inflammation. Nuts like almond and walnuts are a rich source of magnesium, fiber, and vitamin E that helps to control inflammation in the body.

Study shows that men and women who consumed the most nuts had a 51 percent lower risk of dying from an inflammatory disease like rheumatoid arthritis( RA) compared with those who ate the fewest nuts.

4. Herbs

Herbs like Turmeric and Garlic are rich sources of antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the joint swelling with maximum effect.

Traditionally these herbs have been used to heal the inflammation in the body since long and hold a prominent place in ayurvedic treatment of joint pain.

Turmeric has a component called curcumin in it which is a strong anti-inflammatory agent that can significantly reduce the joint swelling naturally. It also soothes out the pain in the injured area, if used as a paste.

Studies have shown that garlic can be useful in treating symptoms of arthritis and joint pain.


5. Olive OIL


Olive oil has a component called oleic acid, making up 73% of the total oil content. Studies show that oleic acid is a strong anti-inflammatory agent that significantly reduces the swelling in the body.

Researchers further noted that the oleic acid works equally to the dose of anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen. It is also healthy for heart health and brain health.

Note: Extra virgin olive oil is much better for health than regular olive oil.

6. Cruciferous vegetables

Vegetables like Kale, broccoli, and cabbage are loaded with vitamins and nutrients. Kale has anti-inflammatory properties that can effectively reduce joint swelling. The vegetable is also a source of rich antioxidants that helps to keep any infections at bay.

Broccoli is a rich source of fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K that makes it a natural agent to fight inflammation in the body. Broccoli is also rich in calcium, which is known for its bone-building benefits. Study shows that a diet that includes broccoli can help to reduce the joint pain caused by joint swelling.

7. Whole grains

Whole grains can fight inflammation and swelling. Whole grains are packed with high-fiber. Research suggests that high-fiber whole grains help produce fatty acids that fight inflammation in the body.

Proteins found in refined grains (such as white bread, white rice, and regular pasta) have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation. Include whole grains in your diet to recover fast from joint pain and associated swelling.

8. Beans

Beans contain amino acids, that help to heal any injuries in a faster mode and also help strengthen the bones. Beans have phytonutrients that can fight inflammation in the body. In case of joint swelling includes beans in your diet to boost the effectivity of the medicine.

Beans are also rich in antioxidants that serve well for a healthy body. The consumption of beans can also reduce the risk of joint injuries.

9. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates have anti-inflammatory properties and it can help you to reduce the inflammation in the body. Research says that Cocoa has Flavanols that helps in joint swelling. Not only that chocolates also promote healthy aging.

The more amount of cocoa, the more effective chocolates are to reduce inflammation. Thus while buying chocolate always make sure that the chocolate has 70% of cocoa in it.

10. Green Tea

 Green tea has antioxidants called catechins, that reduce inflammation. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, that help in relieving the pain caused by inflammation.

Green tea has plant compounds in it that may reduce the pain associated with the inflammatory conditions like arthritis and gout. Sip the tea at least once in a day that will help you to reduce the joint swelling.

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Foods to avoid inflammation

While treating your injury, if you are taking foods that can fight inflammation, it is equally important to stop consuming foods that can cause joint swelling.

  • Sugar

In the initial days of the treatment, to reduce the joint swelling avoid taking foods that have sugar in it. Avoid drinking tea with sugar rather than replace it with green tea.

  • Saturated Fats

Foods like milk, cheese, meat have a high amount of saturated fats in it that may increase inflammation in the body. It is advised to reduce the intake of such foods to fasten the healing process of joint pain and associated swelling.

  • Alcohol

Research says that consumption of alcohol can worsen the inflammation in the body if you are trying to heal your injury. Try cutting down or stop entirely the alcohol consumption to treat your swollen joints.

Other processed foods like snacks and oil-laden chips should also be avoided. Intake of carbs like white bread and white pasta also can cause inflammation. Stop consuming desserts with high-concentrated sugar as that too may hinder your healing process for they are the rich source of inflammation.

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