What is a Total Detox? 5 Ayurvedic-backed Tips, Benefits of Detox, and Ayurvedic Cleanse

What is a Total Detox? 5 Ayurvedic-backed Tips, Benefits of Detox, and Ayurvedic Cleanse

Before I start, there’s a fact in my mind that I want to put in the paper. The popular buzzword detox or detoxification can mean two different but related things:

  • one, a certain plan or diet that claims to detoxify the body and improve certain health aspects
  • two, your body’s natural detoxification system, that is mostly handled by your sweat glands, liver, and kidneys

I’ve written on detox diets and plans in this article, and about the ways to enhance our body’s own detoxification system in this post.

So in this article, you are going to learn about Ayurvedic cleanse, a powerful remedy to detoxify your body, the benefits of detox and some practices you can easily follow for the total detox of your body.

What is Ayurvedic Cleanse?

Ayurvedic cleanse stands out as a good detox strategy.

Do you ever feel a little off in mood, but can’t figure out what is exactly bothering you? Maybe it’s a more discrete condition that’s affecting your quality of life. Most of us feel quite low in energy almost every day. We have almost given up on the desire to feel energetic again.

Tragically, our cultural focus on diagnostic tools, treating symptoms, and labelling a wide range of ailments within clean categories of disease is dulling our collective capacity for self-awareness and inner sensitivity.

As a result, many of us are taking our own natural alarm signs for granted. In some ways, feeling nasty can be a blessing; at the very least, it is an important invitation. Why?

Because it is at these early stages that we can correct ourselves with the greatest ease. And even if you feel fantastic today, wouldn’t you prefer to stay that way?

This is why Ayurveda can potentially transform our lives in unimaginable ways. The word literally means “the science of life” into both the visible and subtle indicators that there is room for improvement within body, mind, and spirit.

The Ayurvedic tradition also offers us a plethora of diverse therapeutic strategies to actually achieve positive change, like this one “Dosha” quiz.

As a system of healing, Ayurveda appreciates the sheer uniqueness of the individual while helping every one of us to court an ever-improving sense of harmony and balance within our lives.

Ayurveda does not tend to offer any one-stop-shop solution – no Midas touch to heal one and all. Instead, it teaches us how to better align with our truest inner nature and to reinvigorate our own innate intelligence to direct a very gentle and authentic healing process.

Agni – Your Digestive Fire

Agni in Ayurveda is the metabolic fire that drives all processes of physiological transformation. Agni also:

  • turns food into consciousness and governs metabolism in every portion of the body
  • is the number one defence system against ill health and disease
  • governs absorption, assimilation, and digestion in the gastrointestinal tract
  • oversees the exchange of nutrients at the cellular level – even the digestion of thoughts and emotions

Therefore, it can be concluded that strengthening Agni in the whole system can boost overall health. And a cleanse that is done properly does the same – strengthen the Agni.

Therefore, a cleanse can initiate a powerful process of renewal and healing at many levels.

Signs you might need an Ayurvedic cleanse

An Ayurvedic cleanse would be effective if you have any of these health issues:

  • Any kind of digestive complications
  • Intense cravings for sweet, salty, or spicy foods
  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Stress/depression/anxiety
  • Difficulty in sleeping/waking up
  • Brain fog or lethargy
  • A subtle and undefined malaise
  • Lack of sense of sleep, food, rest, and physical activity

Benefits of Ayurvedic cleanse or Detox

At its core, Ayurvedic detox is focused on drawing ama (natural toxins) and excess Vata, pitta, and Kapha out of the tissues and into the digestive tract so that they can be eliminated.

While this is sometimes an uncomfortable process, the result of a full body detox (Total Detox) should be an improved sense of balance and overall health.

Furthermore, these are some more benefits of a cleanse:

  • foster both clarity and groundedness in the mental, emotional, and spiritual arenas
  • nurture an enhanced sense of energy, vitality, and enthusiasm for life
  • recover each individual’s natural state of balance
  • prepare the tissues for deep nourishment and rejuvenation
  • promote optimal health

The types of Ayurvedic Cleanse

Basically, there are four options when it comes to Ayurvedic cleanse:

This list is arranged from the shortest, most basic method, to the longest, most in-depth option. Under this section, we’re going to learn in detail about the last one, that is, Panchakarma.


It is the most intense and the signature cleanse in Ayurveda. In fact, Panchakarma is such an elaborate and individualised process that it truly requires the supervision of an experienced practitioner.

Panchakarma is inherently seasonal; it should not be done in the summer or winter and is recommended around the time of the fall or spring equinox.

Panchakarma aims to loosen and eliminate excess Vata, pitta, Kapha, and ama from the system, along with a mono-diet of whole grains, kitchari, and vegetables. One significant feature of this cleanse is that it reverses the flow of nutrition in the body. Then Agni’s flow is reversed, and toxins and impurities are allowed to move from the deep tissues, into the bloodstream, and back to the digestive tract where they can be eliminated much easily.

Moreover, panchakarma intensifies the detox process to cleanse toxins from the deepest layers of the body. This is why panchakarma is such a potent cleanse. This cleanse can be done at home, in a residential or retreat setting, or somewhere in between. PK should always be done under the guidance of an experienced practitioner.

For more on Ayurvedic cleanse, watch this 13-minute interactive video by Banyan Botanicals:

“Shortcut” for your body’s Total Detox

While Ayurvedic cleanses are a great choice if you want an intense detox experience and have enough time to invest. The downside is that they need a long time, especially the intense ones. But I have a better alternative for you.

Instead of following this long route to detoxify your body, why not take a “shortcut”?

Jokes apart, Total Detox from Loire Wellness is a natural, herbal liver supplement that supports the liver so that it can properly detoxify your body. Again, thanks to Ayurveda, this supplement is made of some powerful Ayurvedic herbs like Punarnava, Milk Thistle, and Curcumin. It is our and only our responsibility to maintain a healthy body. And taking a herbal supplement under medical supervision is a step towards that.

Each Ayurvedic herb in this supplement has its own set of health benefits, so just click on the button below to shop Total Detox now!

Why do you need to Detox?

The world in these times has generated a rapid increase in toxins and while it isn’t always easy to establish a direct connection between a specific cause and an effect, there’s a well-recognised link between increased toxicity and a range of diseases.

Our body has its own detoxification system to eliminate toxins, which is made of the lymphatic system, digestive tract, gall bladder, liver, kidneys, lungs, and the skin. A healthy body is very resilient and when it’s working well it is in a state of “homeostasis”. However, this can get messed up if there’s a toxic load in the body.

Time to detox.

Your age and overall health are key factors that decide how well your body can eliminate toxins. In general, the younger side of the population can more effectively eliminate toxins and minimise their damage. But even for them, there’s no foolproof guarantee as there are these increasing toxic burdens.

As toxic stress increases, our detox system is unable to compete and instead of the toxins getting flushed out of the system, they end up settled within our internal organs, body cells, and skin. This can cause ailments like

  • fatigue
  • stress
  • mild to severe headaches
  • pains and aches
  • congestion
  • intestinal complications
  • coughs

Moreover, toxins disrupt normal metabolic function within the body, which can eventually lead to complications such as

  • Mental health problems (depression, anxiety, and stress)
  • cardiovascular disease
  • neurological disorders
  • skin problems
  • chronic fatigue
  • arthritis
  • allergies
  • obesity
  • cancer
  • fibromyalgia

Our health and wellbeing is our most valuable gift. And it is our responsibility to preserve them.

The Benefits of Detox

Let’s see the benefits that our body’s own detoxification system has to offer us.

1. Assistance to your organs

To survive and thrive in this highly contaminated environment, our bodies need extra help, and detoxing, balancing, and cleansing the body to restore health can majorly help our organs. There’s a wide range of benefits associated with detoxing and eliminating toxins as much as possible from your body and living environment can enhance almost every facet of your life.

While our body’s detoxifying organs, whether as an individual or a joint effort, do an exceptional job in eliminating and protecting the body from toxins and free radicals, the rising levels of toxic compounds that we breathe, ingest or absorb daily will impede these organs’ efficiency.

As your body is detoxed, you can expect your

  • digestive system to improve
  • nasal congestion to clear
  • blood pressure levels to stabilise
  • memory and mental clarity to improve
  • emotional and hormonal fluctuations to return to normal.

In the long run, those who keep their body in a constant state of homeostasis tend to

  • live longer and healthier
  • encounter fewer degenerative health conditions
  • escape persistent medical problems such as all forms of diabetes, joint disease, and many forms of cancer
  • recover quicker from sickness and injury.

2. A healthier cardiovascular system and liver

If your body detoxes itself regularly, then you will have normal blood pressure and blood fat levels. A toxin-free body also rejuvenates the liver, which in return will lower your blood cholesterol levels, which is directly linked to heart attacks and strokes.

3. Improved digestive functions

If your body is clean from toxins, there are a lot of positive changes in the digestive realm. These changes are a result of certain lifestyle practices adapted for better detoxification. Some of the changes include

  • improved tastebuds (food tastes better than ever)
  • cleansing of the liver (liver detox)
  • reduced cravings along with healthier body weight
  • reduced bowel problems (such as fluid retention, bloating, and constipation)
  • improved intestinal health and wellbeing

FUN FACT: A poor diet can cause a buildup of toxins inside the body. The colon can overwhemingly contain toxins that weigh between 2.5 to 9 kg. So, detoxifying your colon (natural colon cleanse) can also cause immediate weight loss.

4. Better immunity

There is a connection between a lower immune system and the toxin levels in your body. Detoxification’s purpose is to strengthen your body’s immune system so it functions better. There is an improvement in immunity and allergic reactions as your body don’t have to invest a lot of energy in fighting the toxins once they are flushed out. Detox also enables much easier and better-balanced nutrient absorption.

When there are toxins in your body, it will find it harder to fight them off, such as those of allergic reactions (asthma, hay fever) and other ailments (like the flu and colds). If toxins build-up inside the body, they will eventually lead to inflamed joints, muscle aches and pains, or perhaps more serious health conditions – including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

5. Better skin

When your body is subjected to a toxin overload that is difficult to handle by your detoxifying organs, these toxins try to escape through the skin pores, resulting in bad body odour, poor complexion, or worse, premature ageing. One of the best benefits of detox is that it promotes a glowing, clean body skin and anti-ageing.

6. Feeling alive and vital

Whenever your body systems are drenched in toxic chemicals, you will start feeling lethargic and cranky. Detoxing them enables your body to properly digest your food and absorb the nutrients. Also, you’ll eliminate excessive sleeping and boost your energy, improve overall flexibility by reducing inflammation of the joints and muscles, and enhance your sensory faculties. Lights may seem brighter, colours extra intense, sounds crispier, and fragrances more appealing.

7. Create hormonal balance

The body’s endocrine system, that produces hormones necessary for important body functions.

Most of the food we eat is ironically “enhanced” with a wide range of agrichemicals, such as pesticides, insecticides, and growth hormones. These agrichemicals are incorporated for a few reasons:

  • improve the appearance of vegetable, grains, and fruits
  • increase the amount of time food can be put into long-term storage
  • reduce the cost of food production

That means even the food that we eat in our daily routine is not 100% organic. And the need to enhance the body’s detox system has become much more crucial. Also, growth hormones have nothing to do with improving the nutritional quality of the food – these artificial chemicals instead end up causing damaging complications inside the body.

On the other hand, detox regulates the chemical and hormone levels in the body, and

  • assist with hormonal symptoms (e.g. adrenal fatigue treatment)
  • For women: less PMS, menstrual cramps, and an easier menopause
  • For men: maintain a healthy libido and improve fertility

8. Improved mental health

When toxins circulate through your body, they are unavoidable to reach the brain and your central nervous system (CNS). This may leave you being sluggish, put you in a bad mood, give you poor sleeping patterns, affect your ability to concentrate, and finally, cause depression or anxiety. Well-known toxins that affect your mental health are alcohol, tobacco, and other recreational drugs. On the other hand, detoxing is known to help in

  • give a sense of calmness and inner peace
  • improved mental clarity and memory
  • improve your sleeping patterns
  • dealing with stress

Talking about Ayurveda, it just reminded me of a real effective Ayurvedic spice, that is, turmeric (Haldi). It is loaded with its primary constituent Curcumin that is an an anti-depressant, antioxidant, and more. Read on to find out more about it’s potential health benefits in this easy-to-understand article.

So, these were all of the benefits that you can experience if your body regularly detoxes itself.

5 Tips (backed by Ayurveda) to Naturally Cleanse your Body at Home

The Ayurveda heavily emphasises on the five elements of the entire existence:

  • Jala (Water): 72%
  • Prithvi (Earth): 12%
  • Vayu (Air): 6%
  • Agni (Fire)
  • Akasha (Sky)

Above mentioned are the five elements and the percentages in which they exist in our body. They are also called Pancha Bhoota or Pancha Tattva. According to Ayurveda and Yoga, Pancha Bhootas are associated with the overall health of a human being.

And the ways to detox yourself naturally are based on the concept of Pancha Bhoota.

#1: Take real care of drinking water

Our body is made of 72% water. That’s a big percentage. Hence, we need to be extra careful of the kind of water that we drink and use. Moreover, water has a tremendous memory. So it is of utmost importance that from where the water comes. It is highly advised to drink water after keeping it in a copper jug.

The water that we use goes through many pipes and bends, especially in urban households and apartments. And it carries memory on the molecular level. It is important to undo it before drinking by keeping it aside for a while.

#2: Eat food the right way

Food comes from the Prithvi or Earth, and we have 12% of it. How we eat it, from whose hands it comes, the intention we have, and the approach that we have towards this food, all of these factors are important. Also, freshly cooked food should be eaten as much as possible.

#3: Spend some time with nature

The Vayu or Air is also an important bhoota in our body. It constitutes almost 6% of the human body. Recharging yourself with nature not only detoxes your body’s air but is also linked to lower physiological stress and anxiety levels. Spending some time in nature is much better than going to a restaurant, mall or a cinema hall, as there’s a lot of mental toxicity in these places.

#4: Get some sunlight

Regular exposure of sunlight has numerous health benefits, such as improved skin, a good source of Vitamin D, improved mental and emotional health. But in our pursuit of goals and the “hustle” lifestyle, it has become very difficult for us to disconnect from the materialistic world and connect with our true self and origins.

So make sure to spend some time in your terrace in the morning, as sunlight is the only element that’s pure. All the other elements are more or less contaminated.

#5: What kind of fire burns within you?

What kind of fire burns within you will decide your energies and the aura that you carry with yourself. Is it the fire of anger, the fire of hatred, the fire of greed, the fire of love, or the fire of compassion?

Start following these simple processes at your home to cleanse the Pancha Bhootas of your body.

Here’s a 13-minute video for you, the source of what you just read by Sadhguru.

The takeaway

If you have read till this line, you would have realised that maintaining our body’s detoxification system is crucial for the total detox of our organs. While Ayurvedic cleanse is great for someone who has enough time to invest to and if he/she wants an intense detox experience, you can always take doctor-prescribed authentic herbal supplements, such as Total Detox.

Taking care of the water that we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe, and our exposure to sunlight can go a long way in balancing the Pancha Bhootas of our body.

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