The Proper Diet Chart Plan to Follow for Your Constipation Problems

The Proper Diet Chart Plan to Follow for Your Constipation Problems

Diet chart Plan for your constipation may overwhelm you at the beginning but with the proper understanding and dedicated practice, you can indulge in this healthy reformed diet to ease your constipation problems.

Constipation is a common digestive disease that at some point in time everybody suffers it. Given the sedentary lifestyle and busy schedules, people are found suffering more than ever. The US National Library of Medicine shows that 33% of the adult population is affected by chronic constipation. More than adults nowadays teens are found suffering from constipation problems.

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What causes constipation

The following reasons could be the cause of your constipation problems:

  • Lack of fiber diet
  • Lack of hydration in the body
  • Excess intake of junk foods
  • Lack of exercise
  • Unhealthy digestive tract

The inclusion of high fiber in your diet chart plan helps you to avoid irregular bowel movements. But apart from that, a timely diagnosis is crucial for constipation treatment. There are two types of constipation – acute and chronic. If your constipation persists for more than three weeks then you should consult with your doctor.

Chronic constipation may even lead to cancer. Moreover, chronic constipation treatments are often expensive and tiring. One should be cautious enough to treat themselves during the initial stages. The symptoms of constipation include bloodstains in the stool, difficulty in bowel movement, irregular bowel movements, vomiting, and abdominal cramps.

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Diet chart plan for constipation

When undergoing constipation treatment, following a proper diet is an essential part. It will help you to recover fast and heal on time. Given below is the diet plan that will help you to deal with your constipation problems:

Diet Chart

BREAKFASTWhole wheat porridge or Veg upma
MID MEALCoconut water or Buttermilk
LUNCHone small bowl of rice + daal + Spinach + curd
EVENING SNACK7-8 cashew nuts or flaxseed
DINNER2 chapati +daal or plain khichdi
BREAKFASTOne veg dosa /idli + one boiled egg
MID MEALFresh fruits/ sprouts
LUNCH1 cup of rice + 150 grams of chicken + salad
EVENING SNACKOne cup of poha
DINNER2chapati + bitter gourd curry
BREAKFAST One Brown Bread Sandwich + one apple
MID MEAL One cup of mixed veg salad
LUNCH Two chappatis or one cup of rice + one small bowl of beans + a small bowl of curd
EVENING SNACK Dry fruits or a dosa
DINNER Simple plain khichdi

BREAKFAST2 wheat parathas of own choice +green chutney
MID MEALA bowl of berries and pears
LUNCHOne cup of rice + soybean curry + salad
EVENING SNACKA handful of dry fruits or plain popcorn
DINNERTwo chapatis + daal
BREAKFASTA cup of veg poha or rava uttapam + green chutney
MID MEALCoconut water or a glass of buttermilk
LUNCHA small bowl of rice + fish curry + a small cup of legumes
EVENING SNACKOne plain veg dosa
DINNERTwo chapatis + beans curry
BREAKFASTOne small bowl of oats with fruits of own choice + dry fruits
MID MEALA small bowl of sprouts
LUNCHA bowl of rice + legumes + curd
DINNER A small of boiled plain rice + plain daal
BREAKFASTRava dosa or Two parathas + curd + green chutney
MID MEALOne avocado or one small cup of pears and orange
LUNCHA bowl of rice + daal + green veggies curry + tomato chutney
EVENING SNACKOne cup of veg soup
DINNERTwo chapatis with veg curry and daal

Foods to include and avoid

While preparing the diet chart plan for your constipation, you should be aware of food items to include and avoid for better results. Here is the list of foods that you can consume depending on your choice and taste:

Fruits to include

Make sure you include fruits that contain high fiber in your diet chart plan. Fruits like blueberries, raspberries, pears, avocadoes, orange, grapes, lime, apricots, and coconut are good for your constipation problems.

Canned fruits and unripe fruits should be avoided.

Vegetables to include

Green leafy vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, kale, fenugreek leaves, lettuce, bitter gourd, okra, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, beans, spinach, celery, artichoke, and coriander leaves are good to include in your diet chart plan.

Frozen and stale vegetables should be avoided.

Cereal and pulses to include

Whole wheat, oats, quinoa, corn, millet, brown rice, barley are good for constipation whereas refined flour and white bread are advised to avoid. All kinds of legumes are good to include in your diet plan. White rice is good to consume as it has carbohydrates but make sure you do not overdo it.

Dairy products to include

Low-fat milk and curd are always good to include in your diet. Low-fat homemade cheese and organic ghee is a must item for a healthy diet. Ghee supplies an essential good fat to your body. Condensed milk and cream cheese should be avoided.

Other notables food items

  • Nonveg items: Try to consume meat in a limited amount as it takes long hours to digest. Fish like prawns, lobster, and crab are good to include. You can add the white portion of boiled egg to your diet chart plan.
  • Drinks: Coconut drinks, Amla Juice, and Lime Juice are good to consume whereas carbonated drinks should be avoided for a healthy regime.
  • Dry fruits: One can consume all kinds of dry fruits except peanuts and try including seeds like pumpkin and sesame and flax seeds.
  • Spices: Turmeric, cumin, and coriander works better but try to avoid packet red chilly powder and peppers.
  • Organic items: If possible try including as many organic items in your diet as organic homemade ghee, organic jaggery, and homemade pickles.
  • Say no to baked items and products made out of whole wheat flour.

Lifestyle changes

Your diet plan will work effectively only if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are some noted measures you can indulge upon to fight constipation:

  • Regular exercise is a must at least for 30 minutes daily
  • Yoga or meditation will help you to cut down on stress levels.
  • Drink enough water to keep your body hydrated all the time. At least 8 glasses of water daily are recommended.
  • Maintain daily correct timing of your meals.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day
  • Never miss your breakfast.


Constipation is a common digestive disorder that affected many. Along with the proper rich fiber diet, it is essential to move your body. Daily movement of your body will act as a booster to your prescribed diet. One should be aware of what to consume and what to avoid when enrolled on a specific diet.

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