Is this product safe for my family?

Yes, this is a herbal product almost safe for everyone.

Are ingredients used in these supplements are safe?

Yes, Ingredients used is these supplements are almost safe. If you are having allergy with some of our ingredients then please consult your doctor first.

Do we need to submit any prescription for getting this product?

No, you do not need to submit any type of prescription for getting any of these products.

Will it be helpful for improving immunity?

We are providing a few products that assist in improving immunity and energy levels.

How to use this product?

Take the CAPSULE with meals and snacks and Swallow the capsule with water. For better results use this formula regularly.

Is COD available for these products?

Yes COD is available for all of the products.

Will the digestion formula is helpful in reducing weight?

Digestion formula helps in reducing weight as it helps in indigestion problems.

Will these capsules work?

Yes, All of these are the herbal product that is very useful in resolving various issues.

Is herbal medicine really effective?

Its effectiveness is linked to appropriate dosing, frequency, and choice of herb.  Sometimes herbs do not work due to inappropriate dosing or using the incorrect herb for the illness.