Fasting Benefits: How Does It Act as a Natural Booster to Your Sattvic Diet

Fasting Benefits: How Does It Act as a Natural Booster to Your Sattvic Diet

Fasting benefits has been the debatable topics among the nutritionist for the view among them are divided. Some nutritionists hold the belief that fasting is not necessary whereas there is the other group of a nutritionist who believes the opposite.

Fasting has been long associated with religious beliefs. All religions have their faith associated with fasting. But apart from the religious beliefs, there is science behind the fasting concept. Research done on this subject shows that short fasting is good for overall health and can boost your digestive system.

What is the science behind fasting

Journal of medicine published by the Health Department of Harvard supports the fact that fasting is good for our body system. Another group of studies shows that the research though has conducted with animals, but the efficiency proves it is beneficial for humans as well.

Fasting benefits your detox process of the body and acts as a stimulator that nudges the body to proactive its organs. Regularly, when our body is fed with food, the cells are dependant on a regular cycle and follow a daily pattern to build energy hence a mere work of our organs. But with fasting, the body organs work on their own to produce the energy that at times is good for overall health.

During fasting, your body’s regular access to glucose stops. In such a case, your body organs become active and participate to produce their own glucose. This process is known as ‘gluconeogenesis‘. During this process, the liver converts the amino acids and fats to glucose energy.

Fasting benefits your metabolism rate too on a higher level. During fasting, your body releases the hormones called ‘norepinephrine’ that effectively burns the fat and also helps to keep your blood pressure in check. Fasting also helps to maintain your heart rate and blood sugar levels.

Fasting is like pushing your body one step further for strength and vitality. Your cells in the body become self-reliant and strong. Just like in body training, your body muscles get stretched and tore but rest and proper nutrition help your body to become fit and strong similarly to fasting provides strength and longevity.

What are the fasting benefits

Fasting can be a tough task for you if you are new to this, but given that it offers numerous health benefits one should practice fasting to adopt a healthy approach towards life. The benefits of fasting are listed below:

1. Boost your brain function

Research shows that fasting benefits your brain function and boost your brainpower. According to yogis, fasting improves your thought process and brings clarity of thought. Yogis are the saints that practice spiritual life.

Another study shows that fasting provides relief in inflammation and hence may be helpful for people suffering from neuro disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

2. Boost your metabolism rate

New research done on the subject shows that fasting may boost your metabolism rate. Fasting helps to activate cells in your body by stimulating your organs hence the food is turned into energy with mere chances of fat residue in your body.

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3. Helps in weight loss

Fasting benefits your weight loss process. When your body is food-free for a while, it releases a fat burner hormone in your body that eventually cut down the fat in your body. In fact, intermittent fasting a type of fasting has become popular nowadays for the same reason. Fasting is a good check for obesity problems.

4. Controls blood sugar levels in your body

Fasting helps in controlling blood sugar levels in your body. Research shows that a study has been conducted on type 2 diabetes patients who were asked for fasting for two days a week under medical supervision. Results were astounding as fasting helps them to manage their sugar levels.

It is a well-documented fact now that fasting helps to manage the glucose levels in the body by cutting down on insulin resistance. 

5. Fasting, benefits your heart health

Ayurveda acharya Sri Jai of Shristi Ayurveda Institute says – ”fasting helps immensely in improving your heart health”. Studies show that fasting helps to reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

A new group of studies shows that a group of people was asked to fast alternately. These people had obese problems however after eight weeks it has been found that their bad cholesterol has gone down and their blood pressure too was in check.

How many types of fasting are there

1. Time-Restricted Fasting

Time-Restricted fasting is a kind of fasting that was initiated by ancient yogi practitioners. It is based on the principle of the Ayurveda. According to Ayurvedic science, a human body needs, to reach its higher potential needs to have a proper alignment between body, mind, and soul.

That alignment is possible with a proper digestive system and to ensure that one has to eat during daytime when there is enough body movement and should end feeding their body by sunset. This will give your body enough time to repair and is beneficial for your health.

2. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has become a very popular practice nowadays with maximum people adapting to it. This practice is based on the sixteen hours of gap between the last meal and the first meal. According to nutritionists, if we constantly feed our body with food without giving it enough time to digest then that will affect our health, disrupts the metabolism system, and it will lead to an obese body.

Intermittent fasting benefits your body and mind parallelly. The process works like intensive therapy for your body. Research done on the benefits of intermittent fasting shows that it can level up your body energy and activates your cell prominently.

3. Periodic Fasting

Periodic fasting includes a calculative intake of calories for at least four days a week. During this process, a person is advised to consume at least 800- 1000 calories per day. A person has to feed their body with fewer carbohydrates while periodic fasting. This will trigger your body to obtain energy from the fats hence your body will begin natural ketosis. Periodic fasting also helps to detoxify your body.

How does fasting acts as a natural booster to your sattvic diet

If sattvic diets and fasting intersect somewhere then it is on the foundation where the concept itself came from. Both the concepts of sattvic diet and fasting stand on the principle of Ayurveda which dates back to 5000 years ago.

Sattvic diet is a specific diet that includes high fiber, low fat, and pure vegetarian food that aims to nourish your body, mind, and soul. It is also called yogi preference food as the food items selected aim to enhance your gut health, boost your metabolism rate, enrich your mind, and bring centredness in your self. Sattvic diet is also considered a natural therapy that helps to fight digestive diseases like constipation, ulcers, and gastritis.


People who are on a sattvic diet are often recommended fasting at least once a week to boost their dietary regime. Dr. Jaani an Ayurveda practitioner says – ‘fasting intensifies the effect of sattvic diet on your body.’ The person on such a specific diet tends to consume foods like

Fasting intensifies the effect of the sattvic diet on your body

Fasting benefits your soul and mind bringing back the centeredness in you which sounds similar to the outcome of the sattvic diet. But the sattvic diet also establishes one’s relationship with food in a mindful way. Fasting paves a way for your sattvic diet to deliver better result acting as an intensifier in the following ways:

1. Speeds up the detox process

Fasting benefits your detox process that sattvic diets aim to do. One of the main reasons for people adapting to the sattvic diet is to enhance their digestion and clean out the toxins from their bodies. Fasting naturally cleanses your body and boosts the production of the enzyme that is crucial in detoxification. A person into a sattvic diet along with a day of fasting in a week may find the body in a healthier state and free of toxins.

2. Reduces the stress levels

The majority of people switch to sattvic diets for it offers to initiate centeredness in one’s self. As mentioned before it is a yogic food good for the mind, body, and soul. Research shows that people’s intention behind taking the sattvic diet initiative is – the want to cut down on their stress levels. Fasting acts as an intensifier here as studies show it helps to release dopamine hormone in your body which is often called a happy hormone. If you are into sattvic diet plus fasting, your mind is more calm and centered.

3. Improves digestion

Sattvic diets are high fiber-based foods that ease your bowel movements hence improving your digestive system and gut health. Fasting benefits your digestive system along with the sattvic diets that can optimize your overall health. Fasting allows your body to notch on constant feed hence giving the correct amount of time to your body to digest and heal.

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Fasting benefits your body and elevates your mind. It is a natural booster to your sattvic diet as it maximizes the effect of the diet on your body by stimulating the organ like the liver, improves your gut health, reduces inflammation and stress. Research done on the subject supports this fact.

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