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Joint Pain is the most common problem with aging people. Mostly it is common with the age group of 40 above people. Joint pain can be cured effectively if detected early. The pain is actually the aches, swelling, or soreness in joint parts of the body. Mostly arthritis is responsible for the joint pain in the body. Ayurvedic treatments have been proven effective in most cases of arthritis patients.

What are the causes of joint pain?

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A strong immunity system is a call of the time. The topic has become overwhelming for some people given the situation we are in. Moreover, the Internet is jammed with the tips and tricks on how to increase your immunity but what if you already have a strong immunity but out of ignorance you are killing it.

How to Know If You Have a Strong Immunity System

Are you the one who rarely had to pay visits to the doctor or the one who rarely is aware of the term ‘

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natural herbs

Natural Herbs are a boon for a healthy life. Owing to our modern busy lifestyle, we hardly pave way for a healthy living too. According to the Healthworld, there is a marked increase in deaths from cardiac arrest at home. Indian Health Ministry too recently had shown concern for the increasing number of Heart patients and expressed doubt that the ongoing Covid19 can add to the already existing patents.

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