How Sattvic Foods Rich in Fiber Improves your Gut Health?

How Sattvic Foods Rich in Fiber Improves your Gut Health?

Foods Rich in Fiber improves your gut health and even helps to prevent your body from falling prey to chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, and even cancer. Sattvic diet is a specific diet that finds its root in Ayurveda and followed mainly by yoga enthusiasts.

Sattvic diet includes food items like nuts, berries, broccoli and etc that are rich in fiber and low in fat. Such food items are supposed to bring the balance between your body and mind and thus has been preferred by yogis for it clear your intestines and improves your digestion.

Ayurvedic science believes every root cause of the disease lies in your gut and thus the concept of sattvic diets came into existence that is fiber-rich, nutritious, and good for your gut.

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Fiber and gut health

Fiber is an essential element for your digestive system. It protects and keeps your colon responsible for your clean bowel movement that keeps the digestive tract healthy.

A 2017 study shows that fiber is important for a healthy gut. Our body has good bacteria called microbes that are beneficial for our body. A proper fiber diet is a reason these bacteria thrive and sustain. 

As a result, these microbes grow in numbers and protect your intestines. The more these good bacteria in your body, the more it is good for your gut health. This whole process by default improves your digestion.

Foods rich in fiber also helps to thicken your intestines wall that will help your body from any possible outward infection. Apart from promoting your gut health, microbes also reduce the chance of inflammation in your body.

New research shows our gut microbiome changes according to the season and so it is essential to keep up with the body changing needs. If foods rich in fiber are included in your diet daily then you are less prone to falling sick often. The research also shows that consuming 100 grams of fiber a day makes your gut strong and healthy.

Nutritionists recommend including fiber-containing foods like cruciferous vegetables, grains and fresh seasonal fruits as that will help you to cope with the changing seasons and thus your gut remains healthy with the changing seasons as well for studies show that our gut microbiome reacts to the changing seasons.

Why foods rich in fiber were preferred by yogis

According to the Ayurvedic concept, our body is the vehicle through which we can elevate our soul. In the ancient Ayurvedic text Chakra Samhita the importance of the human body as a tool to uplift our consciousness has been mentioned numerous times. Yogis believed to attain the elevated mind the first step starts with digestion and hence yogis came up with the concept of sattvic diets.

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According to Ayurveda, the root cause of every disease lies in the gut. The science of Ayurveda gives utmost importance to the ‘gut health’. In ancient times yogis and monks were encouraged to grow their own food that is local and seasonal for it helps them to consume foods that are essential for a healthy gut.

Even yoga practice and panchakarma were part of the yogic lifestyle to keep their gut healthy. The ancient Hindu text Upanishad has verses that describe the importance of good metabolism for the attainment of a calm mind.

Later, the Ayurvedic science even classified the aahar (food) into three different types and Sattvic food remains the primary one for it includes a diet that has a good portion of the fiber in it that aids digestion.

Sattvic food is called yogic food as it cleans the gut and promotes the overall well-being of your body. Rajasic and Tamasic being the other two types that are not suitable for mind and body progression.

As the sattvic diet was founded on the principle of Ayurveda, it gives utmost importance to the food items that are plant-based which makes the fiber foods default inclusion in the diet.

Also, fiber-rich foods included fresh fruits which helped immensely yogis during their fasting, thus yogis prefer sattvic foods rich in fiber. Such foods help them to nourish their mind, body, and soul perfect for a yogic lifestyle.

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Sattvic foods rich in fiber improves your gut health

sattvic diet

Sattvic foods stand on the principle of ‘Ahimsa’ that is non -violence. All food items are as mentioned before are plant-based and seasonal adapting to the environmental changes.

Fresh fruits are the topmost inclusion in the sattvic diet that are foods rich in fiber. Fruits like passion fruit, raspberries, blueberries, orange, and apple are fiber-loaded foods that are good for your gut health.

Data shows apple has 4grams of fiber in it and passion fruit has 8grams of fiber in it and is the richest in fiber proportion amongst fruits of different kinds. The fiber found in the fruits helps the good bacteria in your body to thrive and produce more of it that provides strength to your gut.

Grains legumes and beans are yet again a regular item found in the sattvic diet that is fiber-loaded foods. Whole wheat, bajra and oats are the perfect thing to include in your breakfast for a good day that starts with fiber.

Green leafy vegetables like broccoli, kale, carrots, and beets are the must items in sattvic diets that are fiber-packed foods. Carrot and beet salad is the regular item in the yogic food to enhance their digestion. One of the best sattvic items that enhance your gut health.

Nuts and seeds are yet again fiber quotient foods that are sattvic and good for your gut health. Nuts like almonds and cashew nuts are a great source of energy supplier and even helps to fight fatigue. Include nuts as your evening snack to keep up your energy level.

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Too much fiber– a yes or no

Sattvic diets though are fiber-rich foods but too much fiber intake is not good for your overall health. According to nutritionists, too much of one kind of nutrition does not promote health hence sattvic diet balances out by including carbohydrates and low-fat food items in their diet. For better colon health, an equal amount of nutrition is recommended.


Sattvic foods include items that are fiber-loaded foods. It promotes overall health wellness and restores your gut health. The fiber elements stimulate the good bacteria present in your body and protect the thick walls of your intestines. It regulates your bowel movement and aids digestion as well.

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