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    Total detox is formulated with 250 mg of Milk Thistle, 100 mg of curcumin & Punarnava and with all the Essential Herbs.


    Ayurvedic Herbs Blend specially for complete body detoxification – Milk Thistle, curcumin, Katuki, punarnava, Kalmegh, Makoy , Kasni, Biranjasipha, Jhavuka, Himsra and Haritaki for complete body detoxification.


    Total Detox is free from heavy metals and safe for long term use. For better results try it regularly.


    Improves immunity and energy levels with the help of high-quality ayurvedic herbs.


    As a detox Supplement, it supports your liver for the Blood detoxification and purification.


    Free Medical Consultation for Verified Customers.