What is Virechana Therapy in Ayurveda and a Must to Boost Your Digestive Fire

What is Virechana Therapy in Ayurveda and a Must to Boost Your Digestive Fire

Virechana therapy is a part of panchakarma treatment. It is one of the five treatment processes that is included in the panchakarma treatment. Panchakarma therapy is purification therapy based on the principle of Ayurveda. It a holistic approach targeted to heal the physical, emotional, and mental ailments present in the body.

What is virechana therapy

The virechana treatment or therapy is a purification therapy that aims to clean your body of any toxins, and of excessive pitta accumulation. Virechana word is derived from ancient Sanskrit that means – ‘purgation’. The treatment aims to flush out the toxins to come out of your system.

According to Ayurveda, Virechana therapy helps to release the pitta aggravation that is stored in our digestive organs. According to Ayurveda, our body is made up of energies and ‘doshas’ is the term used for energy in Ayurveda.

The three main energies that the human body is comprised of are – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Ayurvedic science states that there has to be an alignment in all these energies for the smooth functioning of a body.

In an ancient ayurvedic text Chakra Samhita, the importance of digestion has been mentioned numerous times. In fact, the text contains verses that describe the importance of gut health and explains how gut health is the most important factor for a healthy body. The verses later explain that the root cause of every disease lies in the gut.

Gut problems can lead to the formation of many digestion-related diseases like gastritis, heartburn, constipation, kidney stone, and even stomach cancer. Ayurvedic science states that gut problems are the result of pitta accumulation in our body.

The virechana treatment is the natural therapy treatment that helps in clearing your gut. It improves your digestion and boosts your metabolism rate as well. This treatment also helps to release your emotional strains and offer centeredness and calmness. Virechana therapy also helps to detox the digestive organs like the liver, kidney, and gall bladder.

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What are the steps included in virechana treatment

As mentioned above Virechana therapy is the most important part of the Panchakarma treatment. The therapy involves the cleaning of the digestive organs. The therapy is such that it can be classified into three stages:

  • Firstly the ‘Prakriti’ or nature of the person is defined. In any ayurvedic treatment, it is of utmost importance to understand the nature of the person. Keeping in mind the nature and capacity of the person the medicines are prescribed.

The type of the disease and the tolerance of the person are valuably noted during the treatment process. After that, the process called ‘Vamana’ is followed to ready the patient for the virechana treatment. In Vamana, a certain kind of herb detection is prescribed for vomiting purposes that will help to clean the body system.

  • Secondly, depending on the doshas of the person, medicines for purgation are prepared. The medicines include the herb decoction. The herbs used for the virechana therapy yet again depend on the energies of the person that is supposed to undergo the treatment.

If the person has an excess of pitta doshas present in the body then the herb Trivrit is given for the purgation process. For someone with strong Kapha, a pungent herb mixed with mild oils like castor is prescribed. The process cleans your small intestines, colon, and liver. All the medicines are consumed orally in the process.

  • Thirdly, for the treatment, the medicines and herb decoctions that were given to the patient first helps to pull the toxins from different parts of the body towards the abdomen. The pitta aggravation is found at the levels of the intestines, hence it becomes easy to excrete the toxins from the anal route.

Sattvic diet a kind of light and a specific diet is given to the ones who have undergone the virechana treatment. It will help them to digest the food without much difficulty.

Agni ( the digestive fire)

According to the Ayurvedic text Chakra Samhita – the ‘human body is the vehicle through which one can attain salvation’. The human body if is the vehicle then the gut is the gateway. A good digestive system is a sign that the person is leading a healthy life.

If your digestion system is weak then chances are often you are falling sick and prone to many diseases that can range from physical to mental disturbance. Ayurvedic science states that the sign of a healthy strong gut is the strong digestive fire that is why Agni or digestive fire is given utter importance when it comes to digestive health.

The digestive fire is the capacity of the stomach acid and of the digestive enzymes. Agni is also often referred to as the bile in the GI tract. The more strong your digestive enzymes are the more strong your digestive fire is. The food that is fed into the body goes under the process of breaking down that eventually produces the energy and the fuel that the body needs for its function.

Your digestive enzymes or stomach acid does the job of this breaking down food. If your digestive fire is not strong, then your body doesn’t get the proper energy supply or the nutrition that is needed for its function. Hence one has to make sure by eating the correct food at the correct timing to retain the strong digestive fire. If your digestive fire is strong then your digestion process is smooth and so your overall health is.

But to maintain a good digestive system given our sedentary lifestyle is a tough task hence taking ayurvedic therapy like panchakarma and virechana therapy from time to time will help you to detox your body of accumulated wastes and toxins. The therapy will also help you to boost your metabolism rate and strengthen your digestive fire.

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How does virechana therapy boost your digestive fire

Research on virechana therapy shows that detoxifying the body, it helps to boost your digestion. Another study shows that the person who undergoes panchakarma treatment twice a year is at lesser risk of falling sick and their immunity is greater compared to the ones who don’t undergo such therapies.

In the following ways virechana therapy helps to boost your digestive fire and improves your gut health:

  • The medicinal herbs used in the virechana treatment are astringent herbs that left a strong effect on the body. The herbs along with eliminating toxins from the body act as a stimulator for your digestive enzymes that speeds up the nutrient absorption from breaking down of food. It eventually helps to strengthen your digestive fire.
  • Virechana therapy entirely cleans your system. The treatment cleans the whole of your digestive organs from the liver to gall bladder to intestines. Once your whole digestive tract gets cleaned up, your organs become active and function better. It will help your stomach acids to perform better thus by default your digestive fire gets a nice boost.
  • Virechana therapy also initiates the production of bile in your gastrointestinal tract that helps to extract the nutrients from the food in a proper way and regulates the excretion process. This helps to boost your digestive fire in a natural way.
  • During the virechana treatment, an ayurvedic sattvic diet that is consists of high fiber and low fat is prescribed to the people. This helps to keep their bodies light. Fiber foods are easy to digest, left few residues in the digestive tract, and prevents the chances of waste formation in the body. This entire process helps to boost your digestive fire.

What are the benefits of virechana therapy

Virechana therapy is a great way to boost your digestion as mentioned above, but apart from that it has numerous following benefits:

  • Eliminates the wastes and toxins from your body that improves your digestion.
  • Strengthens your liver and improves your metabolism rate
  • Great for your colon health
  • Improves your skin texture
  • Relieves digestion related problems like constipation and gastritis
  • Improves your immunity
  • Improves your blood circulation
  • Helps to manage your weight problems
  • Activates your digestive organs


Virechana therapy is one of the major steps involved in Panchakarma treatment. The therapy aims at detoxifying your body that rejuvenates and energizes your body. The sattvic diet along with this therapy gives a whole new redo to your digestive system that boosts your digestive fire.

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